making home::bread and butter

and a little bit of embroidery.

regardless of the myriad of different recipes i try here and there. these two very simple staples:bread and butter. make happy children. husbands. parents. and grandparents.

(i don’t have more than one husband).

but i might if i they tasted my bread 😉


don’t tell my husband that.

he never reads my blog.

so that’ll be between us.

i’ve missed here.

but i can’t even seem to stay awake past 8 o’clock these days.

i am worn out.

we have one more week till we take a break.

i am:

listening to: alvin and the chipmunks.

contemplating: a boxed curriculum. forcing grumbling boys to read. and reading more myself.

watching: young victoria and Christmas in Connecticut

planning: a luncheon for the Immaculate Conception/crafting/sewing/with friends tomorrow/

sending the biggest boy off to Fire Explorer Academy for 5 days.

(“will you miss me?” he asks. “of course”, i say.)

all the while thinking to myself: not really.

we need a break.

i need a break.

did i already say that?

hope all is well with you, blog friends.

i think i may have misplaced my mind so i’ll be going now….

h/t to alice. for these making home tidbits. feel free to join in. i hope she allows non-sense-ical rambling….

because really what would home be without mother’s ramblings….right?


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7 thoughts on “making home::bread and butter

  1. Your photos of bread and butter look so home-y! I liked the movie “Young Victoria.” (My husband even liked it!) And I’d really like to see “Christmas in Connecticut,” which I will add to my list right away. Hang in there, friend; only one more week until your much-deserved break!

  2. Oh, so good to hear a peep out of you and see your beautiful, yummy photos!

    That bread looks good enough to eat through the screen! I can even smell it!

  3. Loved Young Victoria, and Christmas in Connecticut is an annual event! Stay sane, little mama!

  4. How did you like “Young Victoria”? I’ve seen it twice (neftlix on demand!!) I really like that story and the way the movie was made.

    How do you make butter? Could I make butter? Care to share your recipes? Your bread looks awesome too, mine is just winged most days, but I always like trying new things.

    Haha…lol..had to laugh at your husband never reads my blog either! I’m thinking of mandatorilly (if that’s a word) signing my husband up for my blog emails, because I always have to show him the pictures separately.

  5. Chrisitne on said:

    Miss you and glad you are back.
    Enjoy your break!

    Keep those yummy pics coming!

    My hubby doesnt read my blog either. This bloggy stuff is totally a girl thing. It is interesting to see guy blogs out there!

    take care

  6. My mind might be right beside yours! Prayers for you in this wonderful and crazy busy time of year … I’m ready for the break, too. Thank goodness for feast days (we took off yesterday). So nice to enjoy Mass and just BE!

  7. Non-senseical rambling is the best! If you have noticed, I haven’t done a ‘making home’ Friday post in oh…. a while. So much going on. And I am lame.
    But we love making butter, too. And I am totally digging your gentle bloggy snowflakes. 🙂

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