calm. cool. and collected.

forgive me. please. but Someone. very kindly. sent a wee bit of cool weather our way and it has me under its’ spell.

and i have become a fool for boys who sleep clutching their harmonicas…now whether he is doing it out of love for said harmonica or because he knows if he doesn’t  i might just hide it somewhere really good…might be one of those things i will never know…

and maybe we are both better off.

because let me tell you…tolerating the noise sound of that harmonica MIGHT just be one of the criteria that needs to be met for sainthood.

and if that is the CASE, friends, i have failed miserably.

for i hate that little harmonica.

but i LOVE that baby.

and so i digress…

from the title of this post…wherein i tell you how calm. cool. and collected i am.

and how the sight of these peonies makes me calm….

i think it should be mandatory that people  HAVE to buy peonies at least ONE time every summer.

and then have a drink….

like my mama did at this wedding we went to on saturday.

just me and her.

i was her escort.

i made sure that she didn’t have too much wine and that her friends didn’t spin her around too much on the dance floor(that really almost happened).

hence my cautionary warning about too much wine.

at least for middle-aged ladies.

well, really any lady…because it just isn’t proper.

summer weddings are so nice.

it was kind of fun sitting around watching everyone talk and laugh.

everything so magical and enchanted. white orchids kissed by afternoon sunlight.

a tented reception. chandeliers hanging. glowing candles.

very pretty.

but all i could really think about was my new toy.

and how much i wanted to play….

so off to bed i go.

but before i do i wanted to ask for prayers. for a special intention that will hopefully be resolved tomorrow.

and if not, well, then it is not the will of God.

and i will ask Him for peace.

until then….

hope you, too, are staying calm. cool. and collected!!!!




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4 thoughts on “calm. cool. and collected.

  1. I could use some cool over here…the heat index was 112 yesterday.

    If you think harmonica is bad, try screeching recorders…

    I am drooling over your “toy”. I still have the Rebel xt on my wish list because one can get a used one under $400. The cost of home schooling is kicking my rear this year, and even $50 worth of yarn is a no-no until, um, maybe forever…

    Can’t wait to see the eye-candy the new camera makes!

  2. annita on said:

    Hi Regan! Prayers for your intention. John (6) has been carrying his harmonica around lately (it was a stocking stuffer that was cast aside until now). It drives his dad nuts. Me, not so much. When you start having kids leave the nest, you become more patient with the littles that are home, because you know they’ll be leaving before you can turn around, too! Or, maybe it’s just me. Things that used to annoy me as a young parent, just don’t phase me anymore. Okay, that is my unsolicited advice for the day to all the young mamas who read your blog! 🙂 As always, love your pictures and the beautiful way you tell us about your life! God bless!

  3. Oh, golly! I sure laughed when reading about the harmonica!! I have two boxes of ‘band’ toys – and a harmonica – that are on the top shelf of the hall closet … I feel similarly. But, if they are way up there (always!), why do we even keep them? Because, those littles I love … love to play with said toys. Waiting for patience to find me. Maybe I can bring them down and let them play on the patio??

  4. God help us with the harmonicas! I mean that in all seriousness, too.

    Love the new toy! Now you need the 50mm 1.8 (cheaper than the 1.4 and I find I have had zero problems with it.) Christmas list.

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