rock, paper, bazooka……

or rocket launcher. or grenade. or how about: rock, paper, sniper rifle. it’s our new “rendition” of the old game. i guess my little one thinks rock, paper and scissors are not dangerous enough. or harmful enough. so he has invented this new “spin” and tonite he and my daughter had me cracking up so hard i felt like i was going to pee my pants. she was so good at the motions. i mean it totally looked like she was holding a rocket launcher. and the movements for the grenade actually involve the mouth and pulling out the pin. it is just too hilarious.  

so that’s why i haven’t been able to blog. that and the fact that today was our second day of school and i am easing into it still. trying to figure out just how the days should flow. and i must say that recitation of the rosary is VITAL to our homeschool harmony. we slack off every now and again. but the Blessed Mother is SO faithful, i just ask her to get me back on track and like any mother, she does. the best and really only way for us to get it done is 2-2-1. we say 2 decades in the morn before school with morning prayers. two either right after school or just before dinner. and one with our nightly prayers. this just works for us. and i love it because i feel so much better. there seem to be more hours in the day when one gives to God His time, spent in prayer. at least that is how it is for my children and i.

and so i know i have been a terrible blog friend. and a real life friend. there are un-answered emails. but this is best for me right now. for us. and i hope i don’t offend anyone. you are all so awesome. and there is so much happening on the world. wide. web. but i can hardly contain what’s happening here. and these folks just mean so darn much to me. even the teen is behaving as best as he can. he said something so fascinating to me today that i almost fell off the bed. anyway, i have to get off here because we are going to watch bella together. he is learning about spreading the pro-life message and is there a better movie than bella for a little inspiration?

i hope you are doing wonderfully. and if you aren’t. please ask your mother for a little help.

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7 thoughts on “rock, paper, bazooka……

  1. Love the photos on the left!!

    I’m having a rough time easing in as well. Trying to find our way about with so many kids and so many subjects. It seems there aren’t enough hours in a day! My house is gross, but I am keeping up with meals and laundry!

  2. We’ve been trying to figure out a way to successfully put/keep the rosary in our day. Your ‘way’ sounds doable…

  3. Well, I for one am not offended. I’d much rather you give attention to your children than to me! Love the idea with the rosary. We used to try to say it all at one time. You can about imagine how that played out. For us the big kicker is that my oldest son likes to sleep in, so I have him starting his lessons later than the girls. Maybe I will just have to say his decades separately. I mean it can’t hurt if I’m saying extras, can it?

  4. No offense taken.

    Look for protection under Our Lady’s Mantel and your day will be blessed.

    BAM…rock paper…um BattleSHIP!

    I would so lose at that game.

  5. love the way you bring Mary into it. keep her close!
    glad all is well – must do what you must, yeah? i love you to the moon and back, friend, and would never find it offensive that you put your family first. as it should be, as it should be, dearie. love to hear from you when you can, like on your blog. i pray that you continue to keep your priorities in line and that you are blessed abundantly with His peace and love.

  6. i love how you drink in life!

  7. I really like the way your family prays the Rosary! It keeps Mary with you! I love it and think I may try it!

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