life is filled with them. dangerous. safe. alive. dead. beautiful. ugly. clean. dirty. finished. un-finished.

i guess how one sees things really depends on your own standards and values.

this week is absolutely opposite of last week.

we are supposed to be in recovery mode around here. you know that place where you strive to restore order. getting everyone to bed on time again. no more lazy mornings or being lax with the laundry. and definitely no more hot chocolate and cookies for breakfast.

but it hasn’t quite sunk into the children’s heads that vacation is over.

sometimes i think homeschooling is a permanent vacation.

especially since my big boys will be leaving in 3 days to this spot again therefore crushing my hopes of a return to “normal” anytime soon.

but then again what is normal anyway? i’ve yet to figure it out when it comes to homeschooling. and even my own life.

and when the opposite of normal would be abnormal, i wouldn’t really want to say that about our family.

i am currently reading this book right now which as a mother of three boys i probably should’ve read long ago. but i have to give myself a little credit. i am not a terrible boy mama. but there is always room for improvement.

and so i guess one of my main priorities right now is getting this house into some semblance of order so that i can do just that.

after all boys do make an awful lot of dirty laundry when they are out doing boy things. and then there is the issue of feeding them. but that’s a whole ‘nother post!

i’d really like to share some snippets of other things but i am slowly de-caffeineating. black tea instead of coffee. it doesn’t quite have the same effect. my body is so exhausted from i don’t know what.

order doesn’t happen all at once. i am breathing that concept in.

God didn’t even create the world in one day.

i want to just take it one day at a time.

which is the opposite of freaking out.

which is what i really feel like doing.

i will write myself into well being….

am i using “i” too much? my grandmother told me a funny story today about when she worked for the peace corps. she said that they rejected applications based on the applicants usage of the word “i”. if they used it too many times they were deemed unworthy.

so please forgive me if i have.

used i too much.

blogs can be so self-centered.

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7 thoughts on “opposites

  1. So funny about the “I” usage. It was something that was first brought to my attention by my high school English teacher in my writing. Later, I noticed it when writing to my spiritual director.

    You cannot be introspective without the “I’, and yet introspection must be a means and not an end in itself!

  2. Interesting about the “i” thing, very true, very true.

    I find myself struggling with pride a lot with my blog…always a work in progress!

    yes, God didn’t creat the world in day, so be easy on yourself, read “Flylady” I think she attacks small areas each day, accomplishing something each day though, so that feeling of getting something done is there…I’ve heard of her, but not actually used her…I’m a all or nothing person!!

    Beautiful opposite pictures and analagy!

  3. Interesting that you bring up the use of ‘i’ … it’s something ‘I’ pay attention to in writing on the blog. If it gets to be too much I feel self-centered and feel the need to change the wording! Honestly don’t like to use the word we too much either.

    I so agree about the state of NORMAL!!

  4. I think your world is ….YOUR world. Make it new each day.

    I would love to have a mama like you with cookies for breakfast. You ROCK!

    Laundry and the day to day cleaning will always be there. Do what you do best….be a loving, prayerful-mama with all the cool sewing that you do and pictures!

  5. what?

    really, what?

    homeschooling is NOT a permanent vacation? your kids actually learn?

    you don’t really TEACH THEM? do you?

  6. Good thoughts (and pictures, too). I am doing the purge and rearranging organizing thing lately . . . finished part of a task I wanted to do today, but two hours in and finished enough with part of it (so I am not looking at a mess left behind) . . . I thought, it’s getting on and my kids will be home soon . . . I want to relax with this process, too. It’s too hard to do it all at once and too much to expect.

    I am really self-absorbed, you see. However, I am not too awfully ashamed of it . . . because the use of “you” and so on is in my vocabulary an awful lot as well. It is good of you to remind us of these things that we have all been taught at one time or another. The “I” thing is really good to keep in mind particularly in letter writing and in conversation.

    You know I think you’re the bee’s knees, too, punkin’!

  7. i wont say i, but YOU are awesome. i love your writings.

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