why hello there blogland friends. have you missed me?

i have been trying to keep myself dry. and sane. as we were hit with a really bad storm last week. which kept us pretty much inside for days upon days. which is interesting. to say the least. when 3 out of my 4 children are rambunctious boys.

luckily my girl and i had some much needed girl time with a dear friend and her sweet daughters. she introduced me to this book. we drank tea and sweet milk. there was lots of doll playing and fashion talk. they took pictures and laughed. we did a bit of knitting together and she brought me an apron made by her very own hands out of the prettiest bird fabric as a gift. because she knows how much i love birds. how blessed am i to have found a real life friend. after all. these. years. who loves to sew like i do. (but she’s much better at it than i am!)

i am sort of in an overwhelming homeschooling funk. could be winter blahs. but i am feeling pressure. praying for grace and peace. and playing around with lesson plans and ideas. but i won’t bore you with the details of that.

that dough recipe we discussed last week is here. i did add more flour. and more butter. and then some boxed cornbread mix from trader joes (because i was out of plain cornmeal). that was how the sweetness was achieved and it worked out well. everyone loved them. they were flaky and soft. i even wrapped the dough. stored it for fresh morning corn tortillas and those, too were yummy.

rachel ray, i am not. all this cooking has me tuckered out.

and feeling fat. i think i’ll be taking a “bread” break and plan some low-cal/lower maintenence meals.

my “sourdough” wasn’t sour. i feel like i wasted 6 days of my life “caring” for starter. and it flopped. the freezing cold temperatures we’ve been having could have something to do with it. but who knows.

don’t get me wrong. it was still good bread. it just wasn’t the sour i had hoped for.

well, wishing you all a lovely week.

hope i’ll find something nice to say about the next few days….as i anticipate another storm. 

oh, spring…where are you?

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10 thoughts on “dough-ray-me-not

  1. I hope your Spring comes soon!
    I am glad you have a friend of the heart in real life!
    God bless you!

  2. I like to read about what others are thinking and planning for homeschool … please bore me to death with it! I usually do all my planning purchasing this time of year, so I’m all ears when others dish about plans and resources.

    We’ve been hit with a storm, too, though probably not the same kind of storm. Although, we did have rain — in January — in ND. Thankfully Eric took the kids outside for a bit on Sat. to burn some energy.

    Sorry to hear about the sourdough not being what you wanted. It is a time consuming process.

  3. Cute title, Regan. I like it!

    Sorry to hear about your bread, even though it was good, not being sour enough for you … I get tuckered out, too, after I cook bigger, from-scratch meals. I’m glad I’m not the only one! (Oh, this reminds me, I need to start up the slow cooker early today!)

    Oh, and it is delightful that you’ve found such a neat friend. I know the feeling, when that type of connection is made. Finally. I am so happy for you =)

    Have a blessed week! Stay dry!

    P.S. I noticed at she is hosting a “lovliness fair” with ideas for beating the winter, homeschooling blahs, if you want to check it out.

  4. I had trouble with sourdough as well. 1) Yes, it was winter and it was probably too cold and 2) I read after the fact that bottled water works better b//c tap can have too much chlorine (I read this somewhere, I’m not sure how true it is). And then a bug landed in my starter so I just threw it all away and went to the bakery.

  5. It’s raining here too. Raining. Raining. Raining. The creek is rushing by and the ground is so mushy. I wish it were snow! We’d be snowed in by now.

    I used to know of someone through a homeschool group who sold her sourdough starter. Must have been good stuff. Maybe you can find a source to get a bit?

    Wish we were close — we could sit and stitch and knit. 😉

  6. If its any consolation, your bread still looks mighty fine to me. 🙂 Raining here today and so foggy amidst two feet of snow still on the ground. I am not a fan of dull days. 😦

    We own all of the Mary Frances books, they are so sweet and wholesome, not to mention helpful in learning new skills. Enjoy!

    The months of Jan/Feb are what I would term, burnout months for the homeschooling mother, truly. These are the months we need more sun, longer days and a few more teatimes from the normal schedule of days. I know for twenty years this has been a pattern with me. So knit more, play more, read more and just chill a bit around the schooling. Also if possible, get out for a little while every day to get some fresh air. It helps. God Bless!

    PS Just in case you were wondering, that was me who became a contact for you flickr pics, love them all.

  7. YOU are feeling fat??? haha hee hee…you have no idea sweetie what fat feels like until you are 8-9mo. preggers.

    I have totally forgotten how hard the last few weeks are!

    Yes..spring come soon!

  8. love the new yo-yos up top.
    i wish i could find an honest to goodness friend!! moving a lot doesnt help in the friend dept!.
    thanks for the dough. . . now the recipe for what you stuffed it with please.

  9. Why do I feel like such a proud matchmaker???? I knew you’d be PERFECT for each other!

  10. the bread looks good. and its the february blahs. they are hitting early this year. trust me. i know.

    but please, bore us witht he details if it helps. ya know? c just read the mary francis cook book. of course, i handed it to her and she just took off with it, so i have no idea on how good “From the adult” perspective it was. and i have to much reading of my own to deal with it. but, you know, if your daughter is looking for more mary franics…she’s got lots of fairy friends AROUND.

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