evening lingerings

“as he hurried along, the mole saw clearly he was an animal of field and hedgerow, the ploughed furrow, the frequented pasture, the lane of evening lingerings, the cultivated garden plot.” ~from the riverbank and other stories from the wind and the willows

i have to agree with mole. i, too, am an animal of the cultivated garden plot.

at least that is what i decided during my own evening lingerings.

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6 thoughts on “evening lingerings

  1. I can smell moist earth and green things looking at your photos. Everything is still gray and beige here…

  2. oh such lovely green things
    things are thinking about turning green here…

  3. annita on said:

    Well, I hate to repeat myself, but beautiful pictures. We have a small vegetable garden every year, and I have a garden of flowers surrounding a beautiful statue of Our Lady. I just ache for spring this year. I found myself crying for no reason at all last night… well, no reason other than just be a tired mom longing for her husband to return home from his weekly travel. Peace and prayers…

  4. Yeah, I was gonna say I can smell those potted plants! The soil and greens!
    Love the hummingbird pics. I love those birds. They are mini helicopters!

  5. me too. its sad when you’re someplace for a month and you start looking at little plots of dirt around the yard – and thinking how cute they’d be with [insert flower here].

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