thyme. and time.

admiring a boy brave enough to chew on grass.

stopping to smell the sweetest flowers. and chase butterflies that look like tiny flying pansies through the woods.

making slivery wishes. gazing at long-girly lashes and the “bling” on her glasses. she did it herself. and gets compliments on them almost everywhere she goes.

finishing the baseball scarf. i am on my third skein of yarn. but not quite done yet. after traveling around with me since april. to many a game and practice. i am such a slow knitter.

today we read a story about a chicken who was knitting at the beach. i think i am that chicken.

stopping to gaze in every nook and cranny. and finding the strangest things. blue-throated lizards. and pinkish thistles.

yes, life, even without the curls, is pretty darn good.

i won’t even mention how behind i am in EVERYTHING. and at this point i just don’t even have it in me to “catch up”. summer is right around the corner. and i am ready to catch up on geometry embrace it with open arms.

how about you?

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7 thoughts on “savoring

  1. Oooooh…I want your photo editing software! Your pictures are getting better all the time, girl!

    I feel so lazy. It is so hard to make the kids finish their work when all I want to do is play. Will I ever grow up? I rather hope not…

  2. Sarah Oldham on said:

    I want to take a nap. Soothing pictures and tranquil words. 🙂 Enjoy summer!

  3. Your photos are at anutha level!!!!!!!!

    Love the thoughts too, you always create such a mood and I luv to read about your discoveries of the soul.

  4. Popping in to say…

    Your photographs are lovely! Just like the heart behind them.

    Now I must away, as there are stacks & piles & heaps & To Dos, and today *can’t* be a blogging day. Thank you for the smile and the reminder: the little moments, and these little lives, are the BEST part of my day. Oh, to be present to all of them.

  5. Lovely discoveries. I’m trying not to wish summer away this year. I’ve never wanted summer to end, but I sort of wish it was already August (when our house will hopefully be completed or near completed). I know, I know. I sound crazy! I know it’s just me and just this year … So, instead I’m trying to embrace and live each day, trying to just be oh-so patient. Although I realize we still need a bit of structure to our days … to keep us all sane (OK, to keep me sane =)

  6. Lovely pictures, Regan! Definitely ready to embrace summer and forget about school. It will be time for that all too soon.

  7. lovely pictures regan. as always. i love your mood.

    it certainly is brave to chew on grass, no?

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