eye spy

on this first day of july….

with the very slim pickings from my sad little garden.

also from the garden. tiny. but proof that sweet things can come in small packages.

because i like to feel pretty when i am doing dishes. and let’s face it. i am almost always doing dishes.

i actually have two new aprons and another all cut out and ready to sew. but i am going out on a limb and adding a frilly ruffle to the bottom for some of that june cleaver flair. so it is taking me a little longer than the first two.

do you see the bird too? my family has a knack for “seeing” things in nature finds. remember this rock?

well, friends, july is here. it must be well into the 100’s today. and since we cannot pack up and move to somewhere really cold…i guess instead i will be spending the next few weeks tyring to beat the heat.

today’s tip: when going out into really hot weather, take your own cup of cold tea and/or water to sip on while you drive. it keeps the temptation to stop at those over priced coffee shops at bay.

so, what are you “spying with your little eyes….

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3 thoughts on “eye spy

  1. annita on said:

    Happy July, Regan. As always, I enjoy your photography. I thought it was a bird at first! Peace and prayers +JMJ+

  2. Cute and clever post!
    (We play this game a lot lately.)

    And I love those aprons of yours. Maybe a pretty apron is the key to making those daily tasks a little more enjoyable? I should give it a try, at least =)

    Happy July to you, friend.
    And yes, I saw the bird, too.

  3. Sarah Oldham on said:

    Pretty apron!
    Love the bird (I see things in nature as well).
    Happy 4th and many blessings to you and yours.

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