a feel good post?




it seems silly to sit here just to write that we are knee deep in books about the north american explorers, that beautiful feet has the greatest timeline figures and we like eating pomegranetes with lime and chile. that piano lessons, trips to the park and library filled our day yesterday and that i did some verynecessary deep cleaning today. and how when our fans aren’t in use they have a faux fur look to them that wasn’t very appealing. (i can’t believe those dust bunnies can climb so high!) so thanks to a visit from nannie and papa today, i got the help i needed and i scratched a whole bunch of things off of my list. that feels so good.

it also feels good to know that i am almost finished with the alphabet quilt and not a moment too soon as the mornings and nights have been awfully chilly in this old house.

and finally, it feels good that we’ve found our fall rhythm. i think. we are pretty settled (it’s only been 5 months) and with the rosary at the center of our days, i figure that the Mother of God knows what she’s doing, even when i don’t!

i am not sure what else i should write. except maybe that my eyes aren’t feeling so good. i have that kind of soreness that is i can’t pinpoint. like it could be that i am just over tired or it could be that every time we go to public places we love-like the library and the park or necessary ones like the grocery store, i feel like i can see swine flu germs everywhere.and i don’t know if i am just being paranoid, although i did get a call from the charter school the other day stating that there were confirmed cases of the swine flu in the two closest learning centers. fortunately i did not enroll my kids in any classes this semester, really just for busy-ness sake, but perhaps healthwise it will turn out to be a wise choice all around.

so…the perfect ending to this feel good post? a cup of chamomile tea. a story and bed. my energy levels at night are pretty much nil without the caffeine. are you tired of hearing me gripe about that yet? i may never be good at blogging again……

ps. at least this was a little more eeyore and less mrs. hyde!

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5 thoughts on “a feel good post?

  1. Oh, how I love pomegranates! so pricey here that I usually only treat myself to one every winter!

    Your post has a nice ring of calm and contentment to it.

  2. christine on said:

    love that bowl in the first pic!

    don’t stress over the swine flu. really, its overhyped and is not turning out to be nearly the problem its being reported as. swine flu statistics are on par with regular flu statistics. keep those kiddos in the sunshine for that good healthy vitamin D and everything will be okay!

    and pomegranates? i love them, too. and i’m off to check out the timeline figures. because its turning out we’re not making our own.

  3. Hi Regan, I am so glad to “hear” the peacefulness in your post. Wonderful things you have been doing with your family. I didn’t know what you meant about “timeline figures,” so I went to look, and those are so great. Beautiful just to look at, too. I totally know what you mean about the swine flu. I am ultra-paranoid this year. Is the media just hyping it up? Or is it really serious? We’re upping the vitamins and hopefully getting enough rest. Oh, and I am praying a lot in gratitude for our health! God bless you, and have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Your beautiful photos make it a “happy” post!

    I can sure relate with the sore eyes from being tired!!

    I worry about any flu and cold right now, it’s cold season in MN–it always seems 3 days after Sunday Mass someone gets sick—Babycakes is sick now! No flu though, just cough and nose stuff.

    That Swine flu thing is airborne so, really there is nothing you can do, just trust.

  5. I don’t think you need ever worry about being good at blogging. YOU are wonderful and that makes your blogging good! Caffeine is very little to do with anyone being good.

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