busy hands and books



enjoyed reading.

on earth

sea clocks the story of longitude

there’s no place like space

fairyland in art and poetry

once upon a starry night


listening to.

the queen’s pirate and galileo and the stargazers

the song of the unicorn

discovering great artists

 the limbourg brothers


their own “book of days” with seasons. feasts and holy days.


i could sit and watch this kid all day. he is incredibly amusing.

overheard earlier: “i am gonna bust your chopsticks!” he called to one of the big brothers as he chased after them. on his scooter. in the house.

and these little fabric vowel cards were much fun to paint. i wish i had time to do the whole alphabet. they don’t get wrinkled or ruined. (i don’t consider grubby little hands a threat to these at all.)


i felt a little under the weather again. i’m probably just overtired. i picked up this book at the library today. some of it isn’t very interesting to me. other things are really important. especially the parts about having a code of conduct with regards to blogging. but you shouldn’t have to worry about that too much here. i always try to be on my best behaviour. and with regards to spreading misinformation, i never do it purposely.

hope your corner of the world is filled with books and busy hands too!

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5 thoughts on “busy hands and books

  1. see? things just come full circle!! — congrats on Ginny’s felt giveaway!

  2. christine on said:

    okay – you’ll have to e-mail me about this book of days thing, please.

  3. You have great ideas, Regan—the book of days and those fabric vowel cards! Take care of yourself this weekend, so you don’t relapse back into that dreadful flu! God bless you, dearie!

  4. More rest! More sunshine??!! More orange juice…freshly squeezed of course.

    Have a great weekend to a cool family!

  5. I would lov eto know more about your book of days alos.
    how did youmake the fabric vowel cards. What fabric and paint did you use. did you make them or the children?
    I am inspired by this creativity!
    God Bless

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