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this weekend i plan to finish this advent calender i started last year. setting all other projects and cleaning aside. it has been a long. stressful week and i think i deserve a little sewing time.

i am excited about winning this give-away on ginny’s blog. her place is so beautiful and inspirational. and of course i can’t wait to get the stuff to try felting. i really need a new hobby, don’t ya think?

today i somehow got caught in a whirlwind of king arthur and high-school english history. and whilst doing so i stumbled upon this book. and it has captivated me. it is not light reading by any means. but i am so fickle right now about books that i could use something of this nature. i have a stack about a foot tall by my bed. no fun stuff. except that blog book, which i sped thru. my reading during this season in my life is mostly to keep up with the kids. but i have resorted to cliff notes. not for bedtime stories though. and then certain things in the cliff notes make me want to just start tale of two cities from the beginning. i forgot how much i love to read. for my sake. now if i could just quit taking notes on everything that i do read…..

so what are you up to??

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6 thoughts on “up to

  1. I hope you find your sewing time – the quilt looks wonderful. We’ll be finishing some Advent projects started last year too during this Advent. Things seem to take a whole lot longer than I ever anticipate with so many little hands. Good luck!

  2. My bedside stack is over a foot tall as well. I loved A Tale of Two Cities, but I read it so long ago, that’s about all I remember. Looking forward to seeing that advent quilt. I have just started quilting so everything is new to me. Mailing the wool today 🙂

  3. Beautiful, you are so talented!

    I think I need your new address for that Pay It Forward thing? I have your old address…email me please!

  4. christine on said:

    i can’t wait to see the finished advent calendar. is it a quilt?

  5. Congrats on winning the felt/felt project. I hope you’ll share your finished project.
    Also, that Advent calendar looks fantastic as far as you’ve come along . . . I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful! I may crack out the one my MIL made us several eons ago . . . we haven’t used it in years, so perhaps this is a year to bring it out! I’ll take pics and share when we get our Christmas stuff out. After Thanksgiving, thank you very much. The NEX (Navy Exchange) has it’s tree up out front already. Fake snow is on the water fountain rocks inside . . .

    Oh, I have my rosary and my brother’s rosary waiting for me to make them. I’m working on Christine’s Pay it Forward . . .the last one and I have until the end of this month, I think to get it in under 365 days. I might just make it, too!

    I’m doing nothing but laundry and blogging now. The lighting downstairs is too poor in the evenings for me to craft much.


  6. How did the Advent Calendar turn out? I’d love to see a photo of the end result. I’ve started thinking about Advent, but I need to take some time and plan out what we are going to do. When I think about it, I feel overwhelmed, like I’m adding more to our already-hectic life-that-I-want-to-simplify, but I love Advent, and it is so important to have that preparation/waiting time … I’m sure there’s a balance to this somewhere; I just have to find it—the story of my life lately =) Hugs to you! I hope you had a lovely weekend!

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