party animals

my girl went to a pajama party last weekend. so of course she needed some new pajamas. and then rebecca “needed” some to coordinate. and THEN she wanted a sleeping bag too. geesh. i really hated to neglect all my housework to accomodate these party animals….


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8 thoughts on “party animals

  1. christine on said:

    cute sleeping bag. and such patience to sew doll clothes. i need to make some – but the smallness – the tininess of it all intimidates me.

  2. Oh, man, wish I could sew dolly clothes…and sleeping bags! So adorable!

  3. Really sweet, coordinating PJs! It’s ridiculous what they charge for those things in the catalog, and your daughter gets even cuter ones made by her mama! Blessed girl =) I hope she had a great time, with all her matching girly things!

  4. Una just got an American Girl type doll (less expensive knock-off), and now, of course, I’m knitting scarves, sweaters and slippers for “Alex”…

    The doll is getting a bed from my husband–I think she will be getting more for Christmas than any of my kids!

  5. how adorable! I think the handmade pjs are so much cuter than ones you could buy!

  6. I think my girls would like to adopt you for a spell – you’re amazing! Those jammies for the doll are too cute. I just got Kirsten in the mail for my oldest. Very excited!

  7. If I never meet you in real life then in heaven you have to teach me how to sew. Also since their is no “time” in heaven or housework we can sew for eternity!!!!

  8. Too sweet, dear Regan…you have such talent!

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