on this day

16 years ago. at 10:14 a.m. after only 5 hours of labor:

i became a mother for the first time. 16 isn’t sweet. it is bittersweet. for reasons that only those of you who have teenagers will understand.

nevertheless. he served at Mass this morning. “Christ’s page at the altar.”

St. John Berchmans, patron saint of altar boys, please make intercession for this boy.

my altar boy.

may God bless him. and keep him in HIS care.



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6 thoughts on “on this day

  1. Ah, but for him it is a very happy and sweet birthday! Try to stay sane, mama!!

  2. Oh!!! That was a very touching tribute, Regan. Happy birthday to your son! I bet it is bittersweet. But enjoy him for where he’s at, even when you want to pull your hair out because of the things he says and does. Easier said than done, I know. He is serving the Lord, too, as is so beautifully captured in your photo. May the Lord protect Him all the days of His life (and give you peace in this teenage journey, too).


  3. Sweet young man. Yes, 16 is so bittersweet. A man, but not nearly. Offering prayers for him today. Quietly, one to St. Charles Borromeo (sh! don’t tell).

  4. Only 5 hours of labor…you lucky mama!

    It is amazing how fast our babies grow up. He is so blessed to have you for a mama.

    I also will say a prayer for him. May God watch over him and guide him in all his ways.

    Give that boy lots of chocolate cake!!

  5. happy birthday to your baby!

  6. awww, such a sweet post regan!
    happy birthday to your son – which happens to be my dad’s birthday too.
    and… are you even old enough to rmbr the 80’s???? 😉

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