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s l o w

isn’t it funny how spoiled we’ve gotten? faster cars. fast food. microwaves. high-speed internet. instant movies…..i could go on and on, but you get the point, i am sure!

well, over here, we are slowing down a bit. after days of hustle and bustle: people helping us to clear out the extremely packed little house. the flurry of boxes and more boxes. filled trucks and trailers. where do the beds go and trying not to scratch the floors. take out for dinner. every. single. night. a little girl sleeping in a neat old closet up in the loft just because she can.  a broken window from a bb gun “blast”.  days of no internet at all. we are now on s-l-o-w mode. i only have this dial-up connection to talk to you all. i can’t really even respond to e-mails or look at blogs because it takes too long to download. but i am so thankful for all of your well wishes. i do so love it here. though there is much to be done.

even i, am taking it slow. breakfast? a dark chocolate and roasted hazelnut bar and vanilla chai/with green tea and soymilk for me. the kids? probably something equally decadant. if not worse.

hope this first wednesday in june is treating  you well. at the rate i am moving, i guess i’d better go figure out what we are having for dinner because i don’t have a microwave!


ps. did i mention this is how small my garden is these days? but i must say, the nice thing about container gardening is there are so few weeds!

and the reason this picture is so small? snail slow picture downloading. i can’t sit here all day, laying on my side (my desk is not set up yet), waiting for pictures to download. i couldn’t even get up from here earlier….ever fiber of my being is sore!

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